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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Dec 30, 2019

Have you hit your goals for 2019? Do you find yourself wondering if it is possible to reach those $100,000 months? I’m here to tell you it is possible!

In today’s episode of Dietitian Boss, Libby is reflecting on 2019 income, what has helped her to reach her goals and her 2020 goals she has set.

“I was scared...

Dec 20, 2019

Do find yourself knowing you need to niche down but still want to help everyone? Ever wonder if clarifying your ideal client would help you deliver your message?

In today’s episode of Dietitian Boss, I am talking with Diana Rodriguez MS. We get real on how niching down to helping Latina women helped her gain...

Dec 16, 2019

Do you ever find yourself looking at other dietitian’s successes and wondering how they got there?  Are you trying to get started on your own while working your clinical job wondering if you will ever be able to quit?

In today’s episode of Dietitian Boss as we are finishing up 2019 and ready to bring in 2020,...

Dec 13, 2019

Do you have a passion that you know helps people?  Are you currently or previously helping people with the same things for free wondering if you can make a career out of it?  Guess what you are not alone and the answer is “YES”! You can turn your passion into a career you love.

In today’s episode of...

Dec 2, 2019

Maggie Michalczyk is a registered dietitian nutritionist, media dietitian, and recipe developer who stands out on social media by positioning herself as all things pumpkin. Maggie also offers personalized coaching for nutrition.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Maggie decided to use pumpkins to help her position...