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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Oct 21, 2020

Rebecca Henson talks with Norma Saff in today’s episode.  Norma is a Registered Dietitian from Brooklyn, New York specializing in family and child nutrition. With over 13 years of experience in the field of nutrition, she brings her professional expertise along with her real-life experiences of raising and feeding 4 children of her own, to provide moms with the tools and techniques needed to raise children who grow well and have a positive relationship with all foods. Norma believes that feeding kids should not be so complicated and difficult. She currently offers a group coaching program where she empowers moms on how to confidently feed their kids stress and worry-free. 

Breaking apart my goals into smaller, more doable, feasible goals has really made my life so much easier. The whole idea of having my own private practice has become so much less stressful because there are simple goals to accomplish. Nothing really gets in my way at this point.” -Norma Saff

Topics discussed:

  • Why she’s her ideal client
  • Money mindset 
  • Showing up and evoking emotion through her messaging

Guest Resources:

Connect with Norma on IG: @family.nutritionist 

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