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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Oct 20, 2020

Libby talks with Amanda and Dione about what it’s like to work with their clients and how marketing has changed their private practice! 

Amanda Ciprich is a registered dietitian who specializes in diabetes, nutrition, and education. Her passion for nutrition began after her diagnosis of Type One diabetes at age 18. It wasn't until Amanda stopped following restrictive diets and followed and focused on eating with balance, moderation, and variety that she finally began to feel happy and healthy. Amanda hopes other Type One diabetics improve their relationship with food so they can manage their blood sugars and live a happier life with diabetes. 

Dione Milauskas is a registered dietitian, published researcher, and certified intuitive eating counselor.  Diane helps women with pre-diabetes, who have spent years dieting and eating very low carb, learn how to lower their blood sugar and A1C through intuitive eating. Her virtual practice, Intuitive Eating with Dione, has helped her balance pursuing her passion for helping women with prediabetes.


A few topics discussed:

  • Marketing strategies in their private practice
  • Vulnerability with your ideal clients
  • Haters and being fine with them


Guest Resources:

Connect with Amanda on Instagram: @t1d.nutritionist

Connect with Dione on Instagram: @prediabetes.nutrition

Free Resources from Libby:

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