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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Jun 24, 2019

Dawn Jackson Blatner is a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics. Not only is Dawn the nutrition consultant for the Chicago Cubs, she is also a food and nutrition blogger with Huffington Post, a nutrition expert on the advisory board of SHAPE Magazine, a trusted expert appearing regularly in local and national media outlets, and the author of two award-winning books: The Flexitarian Diet and The Superfood Swap. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Dawn recently starred in the ABC TV show called, My Diet Is Better Than Yours - and won!

In this episode, we cover: 

  • How Dawn finds joy in her job and what that means to her.
  • How Dawn started working in the media.
  • Why joy and fun enhance your ability to be successful in your career.
  • What “active manifestation is” and how to use active manifestation to break into your dream job.

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