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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Oct 26, 2020

Guest Host Yaa Boayke interviews Michelle Gan in today’s episode.  Michelle is a Registered Dietitian from Malaysia, with a passion for helping cancer fighters to achieve better treatment outcomes and optimize their recovery. She has been working closely with cancer patients in a clinical setting for the past 4 years. Cancer support is something close to her heart as someone dear to her - her grandfather once had prostate cancer and metastasized to bone. Michelle uses her background in oncology nutrition, coupled with her personal experiences to help cancer fighters learn how to nourish themselves, guide them through managing unpleasant treatment side effects, and embrace self-love.

I'm planning to go full-fledged with my private practice.  I enjoy the one on one sessions, but my goal is to create a group program.” -Michelle Gan

Topics discussed:

  • Turning her personal IG page into a business page
  • What this new private practice money is helping with
  • Building a virtual business

Guest Resources:

Connect with Michelle on IG: @cancer.nutritionist

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