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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Feb 21, 2020

Are you a dietetic student currently? Do you see the management and leadership course and cringe? It doesn’t have to be that way and the benefits of the course can be amazing!

In today’s episode of Dietitian Boss, I am talking with Megan Kniskern. Megan is the owner of Mak Nutrition LLC and lecturer at Arizona State University. We’re breaking down the importance of learning management and leadership and how social media should be apart of all of it.

Because I've found that a lot of my opportunities in my career, it didn't always come from a traditional job search, right? -Megan Kniskern

In today’s episode…

  • How she tries to keep her classes at Arizona State exciting.
  • The growth she has seen in the dietetics area and how knowing entrepreneurship can lead to success.
  • The role she played in getting ASU to add a full course on entrepreneurship.
  • Why she uses podcasts and YouTube to help teach her students.
  • The importance of social media for current and future dietitians.


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