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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Sep 1, 2021

3 Reasons Why Dietitians Fail in Private Practice

In this episode, Dietitian Boss Method creator and CEO Libby Rothschild discusses 3 Reasons Why Dietitians Fail in Private Practice. Libby Rothschild, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Dietitian Boss(™). As a social media marketing expert Libby's work shows dietitians from around the world how to go from zero to creating a six figure virtual practice using social media strategies that work. As a former clinical dietitian, Libby understands the pains associated with working a 9-5 with limited pay and respect. Libby transformed from making 55k a month in her windowless clinical office to building a million dollar business within 15 months of going full time. When Libby isn’t running her company she enjoys working out, traveling the world with her husband (Mr. Dietitian Boss), reading, volunteering and spending time at the spa. 

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