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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Jul 24, 2020

Yaa Boakye is a certified personal trainer and a nutrition and dietetics certificate candidate. She also holds a BS in Communication from Northwestern University. She has spent the last ten years as a wellness entrepreneur in various roles; in-home personal trainer, group fitness instructor, resting metabolic rate practitioner, body fat testing practitioner, and wellness coach at a therapeutic wellness facility. Though her job titles have varied over the years, her mission has remained the same: to help people lose weight by teaching them calorie counting. She’s currently putting all her energy towards helping 1000s of couples lose weight using her calorie counting secrets; in doing so, they will have the skills to incorporate the foods they love without guilt. 

Ayten Salahi is a researcher, food policy advocate, and nutrition coach on a mission to heal people and the planet through food. As a first-generation daughter of Turkish-Cypriot immigrants, Ayten learned at a young age to view food as a tool for healing, compassion, and unity. After witnessing the power of nutrition in nearly a decade in medical research, Ayten decided to pivot her career to follow her true passion for intersectional food policy and clinical nutrition. She left her job and moved across the country to complete a Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programming at Tufts University and a Didactic Program in Dietetics at Simmons University. Since completing her Masters, Ayten founded a budding international food and climate justice organization that leverages the unique role of food and nutrition professionals to cultivate a more just, regenerative, and climate-resilient food future for all. Applying these same values, Ayten has also launched an eco-friendly 6-week nutrition coaching program to help womxn heal their gut and restore natural energy without sacrificing the joy or culture of food. 

Most importantly, inclusion really should mean that people feel comfortable. Coming to your page, coming to your space, they feel welcome and they feel embraced.” - Yaa Boayke

“There's always a way. There's always a way to do it. Creativity is a beautiful thing. Work with your communities to find a way to make your resources more accessible and affordable to the people who really, really need them.” Ayten Salahi

In today’s episode…

  • Learn various ways to practice diversity in your practice
  • Get inspired by these two Dietitian bosses that are working hard to promote inclusivity in their practice

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