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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Apr 20, 2020

Do you currently have a side hustle that you love? Do you find yourself dreaming of the day that it becomes a full-time business? It is possible to make that dream a reality and today we’re going to talk with one Dietitian Boss who did just that!

In today’s episode, Lauren is talking with Tamara Rizkalla. Tamara is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. She applies a balanced approach to weight loss using flexible dieting, combined with strength training so that her clients may gain control of their bodies and overcome their insecurities. It is her passion to empower and educate women about fitness and nutrition so that they can enjoy all foods free of guilt while maintaining a strong body and mind. 

“You literally just have to be yourself because if you try to be anyone else, people can tell that you're not really being you.” - Tamara Rizkalla


In today’s episode…

  • Where she started out and where she is now?
  • What type of clients she works with?
  • How her niche and message has evolved?
  • How she has used her story to leverage her marketing?
  • How she went from just starting to having an offer and serving clients?
  • What her experience has been using social media to grow her business?
  • How she manages her time to show up every day?


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