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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Sep 29, 2020

Rebecca Henson is interviewing Jenn Braun in today’s episode.  Jenn is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer from Connecticut, who has helped hundreds of clients reach their wellness goals in the most realistic ways. She works with working moms that are looking to feel more confident in their bodies through weight loss by enjoying all foods while balancing their families and careers. Jenn believes that women can do it all, but it starts with taking care of themselves first through their nutrition, movement, and mindset. Jenn is a working mom herself and has found her passion as she has gone through similar challenges as the women she works with, including body changes post-pregnancy, mom guilt, and adapting to life and work after children.

“I wanted to be able to, from the beginning, create that boundary of serving my clients, while also making sure that my husband and my daughter were taken care of as well because they're in this with me.” -Jenn Braun

Topics Covered:

  • How Jenn learned all sides of how to run her business
  • Setting clear boundaries
  • Relating to your clients through personal experience
  • Setting goals that align with you and your family

Guest Resources:

Connect with Jenn on Instagram: @jennbraun.nutritionist

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