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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Dec 23, 2020

Libby interviews Marc Morris in today’s episode. Dr. Marc is a nutrition coach and educator living in Saskatchewan, Canada. With a decade of experience in online coaching, Marc has been obsessed with health and fitness since a teenager and taking him to many places from athletic pursuits like competing in coaching at powerlifting world championships to academic endeavors like teaching macronutrients and metabolism to dietetics students. Marc's current focus has shifted from his one-on-one nutrition coaching business to the Dr. Marc Method, a 12-week nutrition coaching course.

I was teaching full courses to the dietetic students and within that process came to realize and know that dietitians are the nutrition professionals. In terms of this hierarchy, they should always be at the top.” -Marc Morris

A few topics discussed:

  • Creating his client avatar
  • Doubling his income in 4 months by following the dietitian boss method
  • Having a team, communication & assumptions

Guest Resources:

Connect with Marc on Instagram: @marcmorris

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