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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild MS, RD, CPT

Jan 19, 2021

In today’s episode, Sara Zoldan (Love Coach), founder of Love At Any Size, is a body positive and weight neutral love coach who helps single women struggling with negative body image and weight stigma in dating believe that they can find and experience love at their current size. Sara's favorite sport growing up was sitting on the couch with a good book, and through her own fitness journey to becoming a CrossFit L1 trainer she discovered the world of body positivity and Health At Every Size which led her to the coaching she does today. She's a travel junkie, still loves a solid romance novel, and is always on the lookout for a good shoe sale!


“You can try to figure it out yourself, reinvent the wheel and chug along or you can go the speed ramp.” -Sara Zoldan


A few topics discussed:

  • Setting goals in her business
  • Getting a clear message & learning how to market to her audience 
  • Teaching others the strength and power of their bodies 

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