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Dietitian Boss with Libby Rothschild

Feb 26, 2020

Are you afraid to put your personal story out there on social media?  Are you worried that it will have people unfollow you or worry who will read your story? It is possible that by sharing your story that the right person might read it. Your ideal client might be reading it and in turn, you will begin building that know, like and trust factor.

In today’s episode, Libby is talking with Amy Gianotti. Amy is the founder of Eating Fit and the Healthy Life Redefined podcast. Amy helps women overcome their fears of making healthy behavior changes to recover their period and fertility.

“We fail to recognize the value of having someone to support us with our business and to keep you accountable.” – Amy Gianotti

In today’s episode…

  • What her nutrition philosophy is?
  • Who she prefers to work with??
  • How she has evolved and gotten clear with her message?
  • How sharing her story has helped her build the, know, like and trust?
  • What she wishes she had known when she was first starting out?
  • How she uses social media in her business and how it has evolved?
  • What has helped her to put her story out there?
  • What her biggest fears around charging a higher rate for her services?

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